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I am against the flavor ban as I vape different flavors. Mainly apple & menthol. I would never vape the tobacco flavor liquid. The tobacco flavor is horrible tasting, even worse than the taste of combustible cigarettes. If you take away the decosion of people to choose flavor vape liquid, you will be pushing them to going back to smoking disease & cancer causing combustible cigarettes, which would be diasterous. As someone who smoked cigarettes for more than 40 years, vaping e-liquid flavors helped me to quit smoking completely, from the very first day I started vaping. It is much more healthier and safer than smoking, and believe it’s one of the greatest inventions of our century. Please do not take this wonderful harm reduction tool away from those who want and need it to quit smoking cigarettes, and give them a much better quality of life. You would be making a terrible mistake if you do.

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